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Meet the Ionics Plugs (video)

For CES 2010, we thought that it would be a great idea to make a short 5-minute informational video about the features of our different plugs. Given the general logistics of the booth, having people sit and watch the quick vid while waiting to talk to the next available representative seemed like an efficient use of time. A great little production house helped us with this super simple video and even came up with the original score.


And for the curious, a brief clip of the Plug Pavilion booth at the CES. note our video playing on two screens in the background. Pretty cool stuff.


Ionics EMS Collaborates with Verizon Wireless

CALAMBA CITY, PHILIPPINES– Ionics EMS Inc. (SGX:ION) is collaborating with Verizon Wireless to demonstrate a Home Monitoring and Control Solution together with 4Home, Marvell, Sercomm and LG Electronics.

The solution will be comprised of wireless LTE (Long Term Evolution)-enabled products, which will provide home security monitoring with a security camera, as well as energy management and home appliance monitoring from a web portal and a wireless handset. The collaboration was fostered at Verizon Wireless’ LTE Innovation Center, which provides an environment for diverse companies to work together in developing innovative products that will leverage 4G LTE technology.

Ionics EMS customizes the hardware and firmware platform to integrate LG’s LTE module and Secomm’s IP security camera as driven by 4Home’s smart software.

The Ionics EMS solution is a derivative of Marvell’s Sheeva Plug Computer platform, a full-featured processor-server in a compact and robust form factor designed for managing and securing digital assets in the cloud computing environment.

“We are delighted to be working with Verizon Wireless in this project. We believe the plug computer is the next big thing in the world of computing, with a myriad of applications for a wide variety of users”,said Larry Qua, Ionics EMS, Inc.’s Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The LTE product will be demonstrated in conjunction with the International CES organized by the Consumer Electronics Association being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 7 to 10, 2010.

Release available on the Ionics Website as well as Verizon Wireless’s Press Page.

Ionics Launches Full Suite of Plug Computing Products

Ionics EMS Inc. Launches Full Suite of Plug Computing Products

IonicsPlug.com (check it out!)

IonicsPlug.com (Check it out!)

Ionics EMS, Inc. launches its range of Plug Computers developed in collaboration with Marvell’s Sheevaplug technology. These Plug Computers are full-featured processor-servers in a compact and robust form factor designed for managing and securing digital assets in a cloud computing environment.

The basic level devices under the Nimbus model are ultra-compact in size and robust in features with a 1.2Ghz or a 2Ghz processor and memory capacities of 512MB DDR2 and 512MB of NAND flash. Because it has the smallest form factor on the market, two or more units can be placed side by side to form a plug farm of varied applications on an extension cord without blocking the adjacent socket space.

The Cumulus Plug builds upon the smaller ultra-compact Nimbus Plug with a 1.2Ghz or 2Ghz processor with 512MB DDR2 400 MHz and 512MB NAND flash.  This new computing device comes with full WiFi (Access Point Router) functionality, 2 SATA ports and a USB2.0 port for expanded flexibility. It is ideal as a mini-server and router for home or small office, dedicated home file server, multimedia server for DLNA-enabled players, web proxy that enables fast cached access to your favorite web sites and much more.

The Stratus Plug, despite its micro-sized footprint, comes with full WiFi (Access Point) Functionality, Bluetooth, ZWave/ZigBee (optional) and extra USB 2.0 ports for expanded flexibility. With ZWave and ZigBee technology Stratus can create communications with the electronics in your house or office so you can control them remotely.

The most powerful Plug being offered in the collection is the Cirrus Plug which offers 2Ghz of processing performance, embedded WiFi, Bluetooth and a built-in hard drive. From streaming the latest winter vacation video to a connected TV in the bedroom to enjoying favorite music on a WiFi-enabled receiver in the living room, the Cirrus Plug Computer makes enjoying media on intelligent devices throughout the home easier, more mobile and more convenient than before.

Plug Computers are the next big thing due to their high-performance, always-on, always-connected, and environmentally friendly computing capability readily available for developers and end-users.  Plug computing has been quickly expanding, bringing users new devices, services, and value-added applications as well as delivering advanced avenues for network connectivity.

“We are delighted to work with Marvell to support and expand the plug computing ecosystem,” said Larry Qua, Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ionics EMS Inc. “We believe  Ionics’ plug design development offers an innovative and convenient solution for cutting-edge consumers to secure and manage their digital assets.”

The Ionics’s Plug Computers will be featured at the Marvell Pavilion at the Consumers Electronics Show at Las Vegas from January 7 to 10, 2010.  Development kits are available and can be purchased at www.ionicsplug.com.

Ionics Plug Computer

Ionics Plug Computer

Ionics Plug Computer

Cool. Compact. Compelling.

These 3 words epitomize this year’s hottest item proudly manufactured by Ionics EMS, Inc.

Personal computing has evolved from the desktop to laptop and now, the plugtop. The Plug Computer is a new and innovative device for end-users to secure, manage and share digital content seamlessly, conveniently and efficiently.

This small, powerful, fist-sized computer plugs into the wall socket and can run network-based services that normally require a dedicated PC. The plug uses low power and utilizes only a small fraction of the energy consumed by an always-on desktop computer or laptop, at a fraction of the cost.

It’s hard to believe that something so small and cutting edge can be so complete. We’re talking full feature memory capacities- 512Mb of DDR2 and 512MB of NAND flash, running at up to 1.2Ghz on Marvell’s 88F6281 ARM processor.

What else? It uses 5 watts under normal operations (compare this to 25-100 watts for dedicated PC), has one USB2.0 port with overload protection, a GigaLAN port that supports 1000 Base-T, 100 Base-T, and 10 Base-T and last but not least, a shielded RJ-25 connector with built-in LEDs.

Best of all, the size is so compact you can plug two of these devices side by side or form a plug farm on an extension cord without worrying about blocking the adjacent socket space. Yes, it’s that small. Have the freedom to use as many Plug Computers as needed without worrying about wasted space.

In addition, a software service can be bundled together with a plug computer and can be targeted at different market segments. Everyday consumers can use the plug for media sharing and backup services.

The “next” big thing is officially here, and it’s brought to you by Ionics EMS, Inc.

Development kits are available at the end of July. They come in white, black or the customizable color of your choice, and are available in US, EU and UK models.

Check out http://www.ionics-ems.com/plugcomputer.html for more information and drop us a note at sales@ionics-ems.com for orders and/or inquiries.